Three Heads Stainless outdoor Search light

Three Heads Stainless outdoor Search lightThree Heads Stainless outdoor Search light

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Voltage: AC220V/AC380V
Frequency :50-60Hz
Input voltage: AC220V/AC380V/50Hz
Input current :56-72A
Lamp current: > 72A (2KW each triple single lamp)
Lamp voltage :27-29V
Rated Power: 6.8KW (2KW Xenon lamp/1KW three/ 3KW three
/ 4KW three / 5KW three)
Bulb Specifications: Xenon lamp 1KW-5KW
Lamp Life: 1000 hours(light declines after 600 hours )
Dielectric Strength: 1.5KV
Insulation resistance:> 2MΩ
Control mode: stand-alone mode
Color effect: white, red, blue, green, yellow
Adjustment: Horizontal 90 degrees Swing (360 made ) Vertical 45 degrees
Dimming Function: positioning
Beam angle :0.6-0 .8 degrees
Waterproof Index: IP54
Dimensions: 126*126*14cm
N/W: 325kg
G/W: 560kg

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