Moving Head outdoor Search light

Moving Head outdoor Search lightMoving Head outdoor Search light

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Moving Head outdoor Search light

Voltage: 220/240V 50Hz/60Hz
Power: 3.5KW-7.6KW
Lamp: XQ3KW-7KW
Lamp Life: 1000 hours (light declines 600 hours)
Function: IP65 protection class, the body
has a thermal, overload, short circuit, Voltage protection, shockproof, waterproof LED electronic address setup and display.
Lamp switch: DMX512 signal control
electronic ignition Strobe Dimmer: linear
dimmer Strobe 1-5 times / sec
Horizontal: 350 ° scan
Vertical: 270 ° rotation
Size: 58*75*125cm
Packing size: 58.6*75.6*137cm
Control mode: Auto, same machines togethe
DMX512 signal control
DMX channels: 7 channels
Channel function:
Channel 1: Horizontal scan (0 ° -350 °)
2 channels: the level of fine-tuning 16BIT Scan
3 channels: vertical scan (0 ° -270 °)
4 channels: vertical scan tuning 16BIT
5 channels: horizontal and vertical scanning speed
6 channels: at the beginning of the lamp / lamp reset
7 channels: Dimmer / Strobe
Widely used in TV, station outdoor performance,
high-rise buildings,Sports, Hotels, Parks,
amusement parks,Tourist attractions.

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