Eight-square sky Search light

eight-square sky Search lighteight-square sky Search light

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eight-square sky Search light

Power: XQ2KW-7KW
Voltage: 110V/220V
Source: High pressure xenon lamp XQ2KW-7KW
Life: 1000 hours ( bulbs begin to decline after 600 hours)
Luminous flux: 75000lm
Color: white, red, yellow, green, blue
Color Temperature: 6200 °K
Rotation: the level of regular rotation is 90 ° -360 °, tilt 0 °-90 °
Control mode: Auto, more than even the machines, DMX512 signal control
Material: aluminum alloy lamp body and the full
use of electrostatic spraying process, with high
fastness,light weight,thermal performance,water
resistance, easy to use, safe, efficient, reliable,
stable positioning, etc.
Fan: 50000H
Features: a bunch of light as far as 7KM range,
the beam size can be adjusted freely
Protection: IP65
size: 68*80*110cm
Weight: 70kg
Applications:For high-level top floor, the square
and large-scale theatrical performances
Scanning the night sky

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