7R 230W beam light

7R 230W beam light7R 230W beam light

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Bulb:Philips 5R/Osram 7R
Color Temperature: 8500°K
Average life: 2000h
Ballast: Electronic ballast
Optics: Three lens, zoom 0-3.9 degree; electronic focus; 20 meters, 50000LUX
Channel Mode:16 international standard DMX512 channel
Horizontal can:540 degrees (16 bit precision scanning)
Vertical can:250 degrees (16 bit precision scanning)
Color Wheel: 14 plug color film+white, with bidirectional rotation rainbow effect
Rotating Gobo Wheel: 17 plug-rotating gobos+white circle, with the pattern jitter and pattern of arbitrary positioning function
Prism disk: 8 prism, rotates may be the front and back direction, having a positioning function of the prism
Strobe: Double guillotine strobe the highest frequency of 13 times per second, and can choose random strobe and pluse strobe
Dimmer: 0% to 100% linear dimming
Atomization: 0% to 100% linear atomization RED LED dot matrix display screen

Weight: 18KG

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