7KW outdoor sky Search light

7KW outdoor sky Search light7KW outdoor sky Search light

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7KW outdoor sky Search light

Voltage: AC220V/380V 50-60Hz
Input voltage: AC380V/50Hz
Rated Power: 7KW (Xenon lamp 7KW)
Input Current: 29A-34A Waterproof
grade: IP65
Bulb Specifications: Xenon lamp 7KW
Lamp Life time: 1000 hours (light declines after 600 hours)
Color Temperature: 5600 °K
Adjustment angle: horizontal 90°(360 should beorded)
continuous swing,vertical 45°
Beam angle: 9 °(10-15 km or less)
Shell: aluminum alloy, sheet processing shell surface of insulating paint
Distance :5-7KM
Light body N/A :76kg
Light Size: 95*76*137cm
Flycase Size:77*92*148cm
For occasions:Widely used in theme parks, cultural monuments, castles and big hotels, skyscrapers, ferry Resorts, tower and all kinds of large-scale outdoor performances

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