4KW Moving head Change color sky search light

4KW Moving head Change color sky search light4KW Moving head Change color sky search light

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Technical parameters
Voltage: AC220V 50Hz
Power: 4KW
Lamp: 4KW
Lamp Life: 1000 hours
(bulbsbegin to decline after 600hours)
Protection class: IP56 specially designed reflector produces maximum light output
X-axis: 540 ° with a photosensitive error correction function can automatically correct lighting homing.
X-axis fine-tuning: 5.4 ° fine-tuning, positioning more accurate.
Y-axis fine-tuning: 270 ° with a photosensitive lighting correction feature automatically correct homing
Y-axis micro-controller: 5.4 ° positioning accuracy of fine-tuning for white CMY changing
color system,Can be combined a variety of colors.
Parallel light output, projection distance of up to
5KM, Beam is of 250mm diameter, the Ministry had the body pressure, overheating,
overload,Short circuit protection.
Packing size:77*86*149cm
N.W: 105kg
Flycase N.W:70kg
Packing spec: 175kg

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