440W Waterproof beam light

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Voltage: AC100V – 240V / 50 – 60Hz,
(90V to 240V normal use)
Light source power: 500W whole lamp power 850W
Ballast: electron1c ballast Color temperature: 8500 k
Life: 1800 H Color: with 13 colors + blanks
Spot: there are 14 fixed images and white space, including 6 colored glass, which are more colorful
Prism: double prism plate double rotation design, 8 prism+ 24 prism, cellular beam effect can be opened and closed (5 rotating prism can be custom-made, one of the round 8 prism, a prism, a linear six prism, a double lap 32 prism, a double prism; The 12 prismatic effects can be superimposed on each other, and the factory defaults to 5 prisms.
Frost: the effect of independent atomization can also choose the effect of the seven colar prism, the factory standard is the atomization effect
Strobe: double – chip strobe (0.5-9 times/SEC)
Channel: 16/19 channel, the factory default is 16 channels
Lens: high precision large-caliber composite optical lens with a diameter of 180MM / 210MM and a beam with thick beams
Soft light effect: can adjust the light spot Angle of soft light
Aperture: seven-step beam adjustment
Focus: linear focus
Dimming: 0-100% linear adjustment
Pan scan:540° (16bit) electric correction
Tilt scan:270° (16bit) electric correction
Beam Angle: parallel beam Angle: 0-2.3 °
motors: 13 ultra-quiet motors, two three-phase motors, and 16Bit drvers
DMX512Control mode: international standard DMX512
Other functions: remote control light switch function, display lamp, bulb use time,
Automatic speed regulating function of the fan automatically reduces the power of the light source by 50%
Grade: lP 65 Size: 53(L) * 33 (W) * 72 (H)cm

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