440W 470W beam spot wash 3 in 1

440W 470W beam spot wash 3 in 1

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Power: 100-240V, 50 / 60Hz
Power: 470W
Total power: 800W
Size: 450 (L) × 385 (W) × 610 (H) mm
NW: 28KG
Bulb Model: OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 470
Color plate: a color plate, there are 13 color +1white; a
color plate 7Color with CMY color mixing system
Pattern plate: two pattern discs, fixed pattern plate 17
patterns + white light, rotating patternDisk 12 patterns,
can be customized customer LOGORotating pattern sheet
diameter: 15.4mm Effective inner diameter: 13mm
Effect wheel: two rotatable prism, a circular 24 prism, a
straight line prism Or 36 prism can be, with atomization
function 0-100% mechanical dimming, support
mechanical frequency Flash and adjustable speed strobe
effect, support strobe macro function Lens group optical
system, electric focus, beam angle 2.8-38 The use of
photoelectric reset system, when accidental malfunction,
can automatically retrieve the reset
16/24/30 channel selection modes
Display: 2.8 inch touch LCD display, can be reversed
180 ° display
Overheating protection
IP protection class: IP20
Electronic rectifier
Horizontal 540 °, resolution 8Bit / 16Bit
Vertical 270 °, resolution 8Bit / 16Bit

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