350W 17R Waterproof beam wash spot 3in1

350W 17R Waterproof beam wash spot 3in1

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power: light source power 350W total power about 680W
Input volt: AC100V – 260V, 50/60hz
Light source: 350W light source
Beam Angle: 1 °- 3 ° , parallel beam Angle pattern is magnified 15 to 56 ° Angle, white spot within 5 meters 4.5 meters in diameter, prism light 2.3 meters in diameter, prism superposition flare 3.5 meters in diameter;
Linear dimming: mechanical linear adjustment 0-100%
Strobe: pulse frequency flash, synchronous asynchronous frequency flash. Frequency flash speed is 1-26 times per second
Color: 1 fixed color wheel has 13 colors+ white light, semi-chromatic effect, linear color conversion and two-way variable speed rotation rainbow effect
Dynamic spot: a pattern wheels have nine optional plug type design + white light, rotating pattern piece outer diameter: effective inside diameter of 17 mm, 15 mm, LOGO can be customized customerrequirements, variable speed jitter/two-way flow effect, design index function and 16 bit precision fine-tuning
static spot: a fixed pattern wheel has 14 + white light (new design), variable speed jitter/two-way flow effect, all fixed pattern and rotation can realize linear infinite zoom function, achieve a pattern can cover a wall;
prism: 2 independent rotatory prism, the standard is an 8 prism+ linear hexapprisms and can be superimposed, and all prisms can achieve linear non-pole magnification reduction.
Focus: using high precision glass optical lens, electronic linear focus, 5 meters pereffect can be clearly adjusted;
Frost: 1 independent atomization effect, light spot soft nature;
Pan scan:540° (16bit) electric correction;
Tilt scan :270° (16bit) electric correction;
Channel: 2 channel mode selection 16CH / 24CH, factory default is 24CH
Grade: lp65
Size: 42(L) * 31 (W) * 78 (H)cm

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