2R Beam light

2R Beam light2R Beam light

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Technical parameter
Power :100-240V AC, 50/60HZ
Power consumption: 250W
Bulb: 2R yodn 120W
Channel: 16CH
Color temperature: 8,000 K
Control: DMX mode, master-slave mode, auto mode, voice
Display: Digital display
Optics: 3-layer HD optical glass lens
Focus: Optical Focus
Light Output: 70,000 lumens at 10 meters (33 feet)
Color: 13 colors plus white, rainbow effect
Gobo: 14 gobos with frost function
Strobe: mechanical shutter (1-13 times / s) and high-speed strobe effect adjustable
Prism:8-facet prism rotation, horizontal 540 ° (16-bit) electric correction
Vertical 270 ° (16-bit) electric correction
Package Size: 39 * 39 * 48CM

NW: 12KG GW: 15KG

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