1W-20W Outdoor Laser Light

1W-20W Outdoor Laser Light1W-20W Outdoor Laser Light

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1W-20W Outdoor Laser Light

Operating voltage:AC220V/380V
Operating voltage can be customized for each country
Light Source:Laser head with the power 10-50W
Control: Dedicated computer control, editable textpattern, with a stored pattern card editing software package, can save more than 100 kinds of patterns such as adding new designs to delete the old pattern
Scan angle:Horizontal scan 360 °, 230 ° vertical sweep
Function:IP65 degree of protection,especially for outdoor use, the body has overheating, overload, short circuit, voltage protection, shockproof, waterproof LED electronic address setup and display
Light angle:angle of 9 °and the hand adjustment 25 °

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